BabyLingo App

The BabyLingo app is aimed at helping parents to teach multiple foreign languages to babies under 1 year old. The products could increase the babies’ brain capacity for language learning (see ‘How does it work?’), and raises the chance for the baby to speak multiple languages with native accents in future.

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How does it work?

A fundamental skill required for learning a language is to recognise and pronounce the phonemes accurately. This can be extremely difficult when dealing with a foreign language, if the learning takes place after a certain age. Inaccurate phoneme recognition then leads to accents and slow understanding of speech.

There is a certain period of brain development in infancy—known as the ‘critical period’—when the neural circuits can be programmed to host representations for phonemes in multiple languages, if appropriate stimulations are provided. Our products provide systematic and interactive audio/visual stimulations to fulfil this purpose.


Product features

  • Play a carefully designed audio program of phonological materials, including words, poems, and rhymes in 5 different languages–English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese
  • Call baby’s name in parents’ own voice before playing each language program–best way to draw baby’s attention to listen to a language
  • Report total foreign language exposure time


Why using BabyLingo?

  • BabyLingo took great care in designing the programs to be best suited for babies under 1 year old. We have considered all the special characteristics of a baby’s brain to come out with the optimised programs which work best with young babies’ special brains
  • To achieve the highest efficiency for language learning, the development team makes sure that the designed audio materials have a complete set of phonemes for each language, and select out, and put emphasise on difficult sounds of each language.